The First Waterproof Wig!

Herald May 6 1961
Brighton Herald May 6 1961

The First Waterproof Wig!

Here’s a puzzler for you. It’s possible to get your hair wet – yet still keep it dry – while in the briny for a lovely lazy-daisy dip. How? It’s simple. Buy yourself a “pompadour” wig-style cap in the very newest Kleinert range.

Several years of research have gone into developing this exclusive first-ever wig swim cap. It looks like a head of real hair – and, what’s even more important, it keeps its shape and curl when wet.

“Pompadour” has been thoroughly tested in both salt and chlorinated water. It’s guaranteed to dry quickly and stay curly.

There’s no guarantee attached to this, but it’s a pretty safe bet that anyone wearing a “Pompadour” will add bags of glamour to the general set-up! Try one and see for yourself. It’s made in blonde, platinum, black pink rinse and blue rinse shades.

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