World Stories: Young Voices – My Experience, Anna

Meet the young people who have been involved in developing the new World Stories: Young Voices Gallery which opens at Brighton Museum and Art gallery on 23 June 2012.

Q. Who are you and how did you get involved?

A. My name is Anna and I’m 24. I’m a volunteer with the Refugee and Asylum Seekers Project (RASP), a befriending scheme with young refugee and asylum seekers living in Brighton and Hove. We run regular drop-ins and activities and are often involved in workshops at the museum. On this occasion we participated in a photography workshop at the museum with some of the items which will be going on display in the new gallery. Some of the final products of this workshop will also be displayed in the gallery.

Anna experiments with projection and photography
Anna experiments with projection and photography

Q. What have you made for the new gallery?

A. The display contains photographs taken from our work with some of the items that will be displayed as part of other stories in the gallery. The pictures show participants from RASP with images of some of the gallery’s artefacts projected onto us. We each chose different artefacts to project and interact with and our opinions, ideas and reasons for choosing to capture each particular item can be heard via QR codes alongside our photographs. Being from such varied backgrounds and contemplating such diverse objects our interpretations are pretty broad and unique, which will hopefully cause visitors to form their own individual ideas.

Q. How did you make the images?

A. During our days at the museum we were told about the history and meaning of some objects from the new gallery and selected our favourites to photograph. We then stood in a darkened room while the images we took were projected onto our faces, hands and torsos. The final photographs of our poses interacting with the projected images are what will be on display as one of the stories in the gallery. To accompany these we also spent a day at a recording studio to voice our ideas, interpretations and opinions from our days in the workshop.

Q.  What has been the most important thing you have learned during this project? 

A. Learning the history, meaning and uses of some of the museum’s collection, and gaining new photography skills.

Anna (2nd from right) and other members of RASP rate the Museum project
Anna (2nd from right) and other members of RASP rate the Museum project

Q. What did you enjoy the most?

A. I enjoyed being given the opportunity to interact with artefacts which you only ordinarily get to see on display behind glass in museums. As a group we enjoyed going to the recording studio to capture our thoughts (and songs!) on the project and relating the gallery’s collection to our own experiences.

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