World Stories: Young Voices – My Experience, Lucinda

Meet the young people who have been involved in developing the new World Stories: Young Voices Gallery which opens at Brighton Museum and Art gallery on 23 June 2012.

Q. Who are you and how did you get involved?

A. My name is Lucinda and I’m 21. I am a local artist studying at Brighton University who loves Museums and wanted work experience in Museum Services so I joined the Museum Collective to get an insight into how they are run and found out they were creating a new exhibition for young people!

Lucinda running an arctic inspired mask workshop.
Lucinda running an arctic inspired mask workshop

Q. What did you do?

A. At our Museum Collective meetings we get to work with the professionals at the Museum and advise the curatorial and marketing team on exhibition designs and publicity in order to create an engaging exhibition for young people.

The Museum Collective also creates events and I have created art workshops for families and for the Youth Arts Festival to engage people in their local museum collections.

Q. What has been the most important thing you have learned during this project? 

A. How valuable museums are and how pleasurable it is to learn about the difference and similarities between yours and other countries’ cultures.

Lucinda running a shadow puppet workshop as part of Young Artist Day.
Lucinda running a shadow puppet workshop as part of Young Artist Day

Q. What new skills do you feel that you have developed?  

A. I have learnt to be an ambassador for the project in the Stories of the World Steering Group. We meet to discuss the great projects going on across museums nationwide, and have even created a Young Peoples’ Manifesto for Museums to use to guide them in involving young people!

Q. What did you enjoy the most?

A. Working with lots of like minded young people and professionals, voicing our opinions, and seeing them being listened to and materialise.

Lucinda is an artist you can see her work here

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