World Stories: Young Voices – My Experience, Mike

Meet the young people who have been involved in developing the new World Stories: Young Voices Gallery which opens at Brighton Museum and Art gallery on 23 June 2012.

Mike and mask
Mike and mask

Q. Who are you and how did you get involved?

A. Hi, my name is Mike and I’m 19. I first got involved with the project way back in the summertime of 2010 when I was asked to take photos of a project that was being run at my local art group in Whitehawk, in collaboration with Brighton Museum. This led to me becoming the official young person photographer for the project and the museum. After this I got invited into and involved with The Museum Collective.


Q. What have you done?

A. Mainly, I was the official young person photographer for the project, which was good work experience as I was doing a photography course at college! I got to photograph loads of projects and events, I think the first event I photographed for the museum was White Night 2010

I then joined the Museum Collective and got a say in loads of things to do with the museum too, including events and the development of the new gallery (which I’ve heard rumours that it will contain some of the photos I took for the project).

Q. What has been the most important thing you have learned during this project?

A. I think just how to work with other people and communicate on all different levels. I also learnt, hands on, about professional practice when working as a photographer in a work style role.

Photo taken by Mike
Photo taken by Mike

Q. What new skills do you feel that you have developed?  

 A. I feel my photographic skills have improved by the help of working with a range of professional photographers, and also my planning and organisations skills.

Working with the museum has also opened up incredible new opportunities for me even now, like taking photos of different things and even more recently to assist with a one week photography project with other young people, which gave me the experience to teach others! I believe that investing in this experience and working on my skills whilst working with the Museum taught me valuable lessons which later aided me into my employment as a youth worker -which is where I’m at today!

Q. What did you enjoy the most?

A. I enjoyed it all but my absolute favourite thing of all time must’ve been going behind the scenes and seeing how the museum ‘works’ if you like!

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