World Stories: Young Voices – My Experience, Jake

Meet the young people who have been involved in developing the new World Stories: Young Voices Gallery  which opens at Brighton Museum and Art gallery on 23rd June 2012.

Q. Who are you and how did you get involved?

Jake and Museum Collective members run an Arctic-inspired workshop for the public
Jake and Museum Collective members run an Arctic-inspired workshop for the public

A. My name is Jake and I’m 17. I’m a college student studying for my A-levels and became part of the Museum Collective group in about October last year. We are a bit like a youth advisory group for the museum staff to test their ideas for the new gallery, whether it be marketing, QR codes or what is actually in the gallery. All to try and make sure it will attract young people and really interest them.

Q. What kind of things have you done?

A. I became one of three Co-ordinators who meet as often as we can to get plans together for the collective meetings and liaise with other museum staff whenever they need the Collective’s advice. I have also attended a World Stories project meeting to find out what it is really like to create a whole new gallery from scratch and give help wherever needed as a representative of the group. We have also tried to get as many people engaged as we can and to spread the word.

Q. What has been the most important thing you have learned during this project? 

A. How priceless museums are, not just seeing into the past but allowing us to see all the similarities and differences between cultures that are around today and that we shouldn’t take anything for granted.

Q. What new skills do you feel that you have developed?  

A. Being part of the group has greatly improved my ability to speak to groups of people who I have never met before, and being a Co-ordinator I feel I have become more responsible. I definitely take pride in being part of the group and being one of three whose job it is to nurture and push the group to be bigger and better than it is already, we will run the museum eventually! I think also simply being in a museum environment has opened my eyes to see the bigger picture, so to speak, and look for the meaning behind artefacts as opposed to saying “Oh that looks nice”.

Jake and Becky check out the gallery under construction
Jake and Becky check out the gallery under construction

Q. What did you enjoy the most?

A. Working with enthusiastic and intelligent people of my own age to aid the museum staff to create what will the best museum gallery in the country!!!!

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