World Stories: Young Voices – My Experience, Sadie

Meet the young people who have been involved in developing the new World Stories: Young Voices Gallery which opens at Brighton Museum and Art gallery 23 June 2012.

Sadie operates the Boom for an interview at the Amex Stadium.
Sadie operates the Boom for an interview at the Amex Stadium.

Q.  Who are you and how did you get involved?

A. My Name is Sadie and I’m 17. I’m currently a student at BHASVIC and I love sport, especially football. I got involved in the project through Hazel, (a youth worker who works with the museum) who came up and spoke to me and a friend about a project she was starting up that would feature in the museum. The project involved football which is a sport I love so I couldn’t wait to get involved.

Q. What was the project about?

A. The Football in Brighton and Bamako project was a comparison between young people in Mali (Africa) and young people in Brighton, and how football has an impact on their lives. It shows the similarity and differences between football in two very different parts of the world.

Q.What did you do?

A. My involvement within the project as well as others was to create a video to show how football affects young people’s lives. We interviewed professional footballers from Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club to see how football affected them as a young person, as well as young people at a community tournament run by Albion in the community to see their opinions on football.

Q. What has been the most important thing you have learned during this project? 

A. The most important thing I have learned in this project is how similar the effects of football are on young people all over the world and how it brings people together to share the same passion and hobby.

Sadie is interviewed by the BBC
Sadie is interviewed by the BBC

Q. What new skills do you feel that you have developed?  

A. For our project we had to make a film so we got to use all the equipment such as the cameras, the boom and cans. Also with our film we interviewed people, so we got to learn how to interview people properly and ask the right type of questions. Also I was lucky enough to be picked to be interviewed by the BBC along with 3 others in our project. As well as interviewing people, I learned how to be interviewed properly too.

Q. What did you enjoy the most?

A. Overall, I really enjoyed the whole project and my involvement with it, and felt it was a really good experience, and a great project to be a part of. I really enjoyed making the film as a whole and seeing it come together at the end was really nice. Also getting to meet new people from different backgrounds and with different opinions about football. One of my biggest highlights though was getting to have my football boots put in the museum because you really feel part of it.

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