Brighton News Story — 1 April 1805: The superb stables

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The superb stables erecting at Brighton for the Prince of Wales, are forwarding with great activity; but we understand they cannot be finished during the ensuring season, although a part of his Royal Highness’s stud will be stabled there.  The exterior of the above structure is of an octagon figure, with two grand entrances to the east and west; the interior is an elegant rotunda, having twelve separate stables, containing together 42 spacious stalls; each stable has a very large fan light over its door, pointing to the centre; above the stables are apartments for grooms, hay lofts, and granaries and the whole is capt and lighted by a noble dome.  On the North side, a covered ride of several hundred feet in length is to be added; and on the south a grand tennis court.  The outside windows are very like Gothic, but we understand the general architecture is denominated Moorish.

From The Sussex Weekly Advertiser, 1 April, 1805

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