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Map the Museum logo
Map the Museum logo

Map the Museum is a very unusual project for the Royal Pavilion and Museums. When we open exhibitions and new galleries, we put an enormous amount of effort into providing a carefully polished final product. We make sure that our displays look attractive, and a lot of careful work goes into the interpretation of our collections and the subjects we discuss.

But Map the Museum is not like that. It is deliberately stripped down to a very simple idea. The collections data has been taken raw from our database, and very little of it has been tidied up. Why are we doing this?

There are a number of reasons for this, and some of them I will discuss in future blog posts. But one of the most important reasons for this approach is that we wish to experiment with new ways of working with digital media. By starting with a single idea, we have the flexibility to develop in a number of directions. By keeping it as simple as possible, we can test whether people are really interested in engaging with this type of content.

For this approach to work, we need your feedback. For me, Map the Museum is not so much a standalone project as the start of a conversation. What do you think of the site? How would you like to see it develop? Can you spot any problems?

In the spirit of openness, I will be publishing comments made about the site. if you would like to contribute, please do so with the form below.

Kevin Bacon
Digital Development Officer

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