Where would you like to see our photos? (A digital conundrum you may be able to help us with…)

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Model balloon made by the Museum Collective from White Night 2011
Model balloon made by the Museum Collective from White Night 2011

At the Royal Pavilion and Museums, we produce a lot of photographs. Scanned images of historic photographs, pictures of events and activities, photos of objects in our collections. They attract a lot of interest…. but where should we best put them?

We have a presence on several social media sites, and all of these can host photographs. But where would you prefer to browse through and share photos? Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Flickr is our main platform for our general photographs. But is it appealing to a general audience?
  • Facebook is the largest photo site on the web, with over 200 million photos uploaded every month. But our following on Facebook is much lower than our Twitter following.
  • Google+ presents photographs very well, but it still has a relatively small following.
  • Our Image Store is used for images from our fine art and photographic collections, and is more popular than our Flickr pages.  Should we use this for more of our images?
  • Pinterest is presently the hot new thing, and we have set up an account. But does it have a big enough audience to act as our main place to host photographs?

I would be very interested to know what you find to be the easiest place to browse through and share photos. Let me know with the poll below:

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Kevin Bacon
Digital Development Officer

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