Brighton News Story — 24 February 1812: Prince Regent declares new Ministry unnecessary

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His Royal Highness having declared the formation of a new Ministry unnecessary, the prospect of a dissolution of Parliament has vanished, to the great disappointment of many, and especially to those friends of freedom.

From The Sussex Weekly Advertiser, 24 February 1812

This news story refers to a political crisis in the early months of 1812. The government led by Prime Minister Spencer Perceval was under threat from rival politicians, and many expected the Prince Regent to intervene in favour of those who plotted against the Prime Minister. The Prince, who had only just received full legal power to act as the de facto monarch, decided not to replace Perceval. Although Perceval remained in power, he was assassinated a few months later. The murderer, John Bellingham, appears to have been motivated by personal rather than political grievances.

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