Brighton News Story — 17 February 1812: A new order in the political world

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Tomorrow, we are happy to state, our August Patron, the Prince of Wales, will be in full possesion of Regal Power, and it is in consequence expected, notwithstanding the vapouring of a certain gentleman, high in office, that a new order of things will shortly be opened in the political world; at any rate, we do hope and trust, that his Royal Highness will submit to no control but that which patriotism and prudence shall dictate.

From The Sussex Weekly Advertiser, 17 February 1812

A note on this: George had been declared Prince Regent by the Regency Act 1811 and took up this title from 5 February 1811. However, the original act restricted some of his powers. The article refers to the lifting of these restrictions a year after becoming Regent, and marks the point where he became the de facto sovereign.

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