Getting ready for Dreams of Here…

Fiona Redford at Tom Hammick's studio
Fiona Redford at Tom Hammick’s studio

Our new Dreams of Here exhibition opens in Brighton Museum this Saturday. As part of the preparation for the exhibition, all three of the featured artists were filmed in their studios. Fiona Redford, Exhibitions Support Officer, gives a behind the scenes view of the filming process. 

Aside from all the paperwork that is involved with getting an exhibition together, I also get to do some more interesting things too.

Nicola Coleby (Keeper of Exhibitions), Jenny Lund (Curator of Fine Art) and I went to visit the Dreams of Here artists at their studios whilst Paul from Junk TV filmed them for their gallery films.

It was a lovely day when we went to see Andrzej Jackowski and Tom Hammick and although I had to take my life in my hands and let Nicola drive, we arrived at Andrzej’s studio safely and in good time.

Andrzej has his studio at the bottom of his lovely garden. It has recently been converted from a garage and was still a bit chilly and new. However after a reviving cup of tea and meeting the family retriever and whippet I was more than happy to settle down in an old arm chair at the back of the studio and attempt to take pictures of the interview that was being filmed.

Nicola Coleby in discussion with Andrzej Jackowski
Nicola Coleby in discussion with Andrzej Jackowski

They’ve started. Nicola and Andrzej are in deep conversation about inner and outer worlds, Paul is expertly capturing their every word and I’m sat there like a lemon with two digital cameras, neither of which seem to have enough battery life or memory between them to take more than a short film and a few snapshots!

Paul saved the day by taking a couple of decent pictures for me on his rather smart camera.

After lunch, we went off to Tom’s. We got a bit lost in the winding lanes of the East Sussex country side but arrived mid afternoon to find Tom’s children and their friends adding the finishing touches (i.e. glitter) to the home made family Christmas cards.

Another beautiful garden with another artist’s studio in it! Tom’s studio is different from Andrzej’s. It’s quite a bit bigger, and he has obviously been working in it for a much longer time.

During Tom’s interview I hovered by the door, taking in the atmosphere.

His studio walls are lined with sketch books and the tables are covered in large areas of colourful peaked swirls of paint and inks. Hand operated print presses stand silent in the adjacent room like sleeping giants.

Filming Tom Hammick, December 2011
Filming Tom Hammick, December 2011

I couldn’t go to Julian Bell’s studio for the recording session so Jenny went with Nicola instead. (You can tell because there are more photos of that day and they are far better than mine!)

I did however go to Julian’s studio recently to pick up the paintings and bring them back to the Museum. Phil and I drove over in the van. There was more snow in Lewes than in Brighton so on the way, the Downs looked very pretty.

Julian’s studio is very different to Tom and Andrzej’s. It is cavernous and industrial.

Julian Bell in his studio
Julian Bell in his studio

Julian optimistically put out a small electric heater for us, but I still wrapped the works wearing fingerless gloves!

So we now have all of Julian’s works, all of Andrzej’s drawings and most of Tom’s in now. Not long to go until we start to hang them (the works that is – not the artists).

Till next time….

Fiona Redford
Exhibitions Support Officer

You can view more photos from these sessions on Flickr.

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