Oscar Wilde in the Royal Pavilion, November 1884 Advert

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Brighton Gazette, 13th November 1884
Brighton Gazette, 13th November 1884

The Royal Pavilion is hosting an event to celebrate Oscar Wilde’s visit to the Pavilion in November 1884.

On the two consecutive evenings of November 17th and 18th 1884, he gave lectures on the subjects of “Dress” and “The Value of Art in Modern Life”.

The Brighton Gazette ran an advert for the occasion.

Oscar Wilde was a frequent visitor to Brighton and Hove.

He is associated with local artist Aubrey Beardsley, a leading figure in the Aesthetic Movement, who illustrated his play “Salome“.

Visitors to this year’s event at the Royal Pavilion (Admission fee payable) will be able to see Oscar and his Aesthetic friends promenading the state rooms between 11am – 1pm and 2-4pm. The event includes an optional lecture “The Life and Times of Oscar Wilde” 2 – 3pm in the Royal Pavilion’s William IV Room, tickets £4, members £3.

Brighton Gazette, 13th November 1884
Brighton Gazette, 13th November 1884

Royal Pavilion Mr Oscar Wilde will deliver two lectures on the afternoons of Monday and Tuesday, November 17th and 18th.

First lecture, November 17th – “Dress.” Second lecture, November 18th – “The Value of Art in Modern Life.”

Stalls, 4s; Unreserved seats 2s. Tickets to be obtained at Messers Lyon, and Hall’s Pianoforte Warehouses, Warwick Mansion, Brighton, and 22 Church Road, West Brighton.

Shona Milton, Brighton History Centre

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