How is the Ghost?

During our twitter Q&A with Paula Wrightson she produced a copy of a letter from the Standford Estate to Henry Roberts, director of Brighton Museum & Art Gallery in 1935, who lived at Preston Manor. We liked it so much we thought we’d share it with you:

Standford Estate Office

Shirley Drive,


21st August 1935

Henry D. Roberts Esqr. M.B.E.,

Preston Manor,


Dear Mr. Roberts,

How is the ghost? Have you met her yet?

I hope that by this time she has been ‘laid’ after all the trouble I have taken over her.

She is quite harmless and quite interesting.

I have a sneaking hope that she will come and share your whisky and soda last thing before you go to bed.

 Your faithfully,

(signed) John Benett-Stanford

Letter from the Stanford Estate, 1935
Letter from the Stanford Estate, 1935

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