Halloween Roundup

Mysterious and eerie? A roundup of our Halloween entries in case you’ve missed any of these spooktacular tales…

How is the Ghost?

A letter from the Standford Estate enquiring about the Preston Manor ghost

Beware the Wolfman!

Lycanthropy in mythology

Transcript of twitter Q&A with Paula Wrightson (Ghosts and Preston Manor)

Have you been in contact with the spirits? What would you want to ask a ghost?

A Ghost in the House?

Does this photograph show the ghost of young Anthony Shirley?

Object of the Month – Toms’ Witch Stones

For this month’s object we take a look at an amulet known as a lucky stone or witch stone.

Personality of the Month – Henry Solomon (1794-1844)

One of Brighton’s most dramatic ghost stories

Read and enjoy. If you dare…

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