Transcript of twitter Q&A with Paula Wrightson (Ghosts and Preston Manor)

Yesterday afternoon, our Preston Manor ghost expert Paula Wrightson gave a question and answer session on twitter. In the run up to Halloween and the spooky events taking place at the Manor, we wanted her take on the ghostly tales and things that go bump in the night.

Here is a transcript of the discussion:

@BrightonMuseums (1:02pm) Paula’s here and already spooking us with her tales of Preston Manor! Have you got a question for her? Ask her now! #PrestGhost

@BrightonMuseums (1:07pm)

Here’s a question: Has anyone actually photographed a ghost at Preston Manor? #PrestGhost

@BrightonMuseums (1:10pm)

Yes and we have the images… but I would say they are inconclusive. #PrestGhost

@BrightonMuseums (1:13pm)

Did you know Miss Ada Goodrich Freer aka Miss X was called in to do a seance at the Manor in Nov 1896? #PrestGhost

@kathleenlawther (1:12pm)

@BrightonMuseums Have you been in contact with the spirits? What would you want to ask a#PrestGhost ? #Halloween

@ BrightonMuseums (1:17pm)

@kathleenlawther: I haven’t personally been in contact. I would ask do ghosts wear clothes if they are mere spirits? #PrestGhost

@BrightonMuseums (1:19pm)

Another Q! Is it scary working at Preston Manor at night? #PrestGhost

@BrightonMuseums (1:22pm)

Yes! It can be, it’s a big old creepy house. I defy anyone not to be scared! #PrestGhost

@BrightonMuseums (1:28pm)

A Q we were asked earlier: Do you think a museum should be dealing in the supernatural? #PrestGhost

@BrightonMuseums (1:30pm)

It’s what our visitors are interested in and we’re answering the questions people are naturally curious about. #PrestGhost

@Jackshoulder (1:30pm)

@BrightonMuseums If it is relevant, then why not. If using ‘supernatural’ as a gimmick then no.#PrestGhost

@BrightonMuseums (1:33pm)

@jackshoulder: Exactly. Our ghost story is derived from genuine letters by the Victorian owners of the house. #PrestGhost

@Jackshoulder (1:32pm)

The ghost at Preston Mannor is part of the history of the place @BrightonMuseums so it is relevant. #PrestGhost

@mortiquarian (1:41pm)

@BrightonMuseums To take meaning from our past we graft the flesh of social history, folklore & myth to the bones of empirical study. So:Yes

@BrightonMuseums (1:46pm)

@mortiquarian: We are not unlike the Victorians who sought meaning to questions like is there life after death? #PrestGhost

@KateNaylor1 (3:32pm)

@BrightonMuseums Anything goes, as long as it spices life up a bit! I’m enjoying the conversation.

@BrightonMuseums (1:39pm)

Did you know staff at Preston Manor report locked rooms in which objects have moved overnight… #PrestGhost

@BrightonMuseums (1:48pm)

Did you know for the Victorians, one of the biggest questions was is there life after death? And that’s why Spiritualism emerged #PrestGhost

@BrightonMuseums (1:51pm)

We’re recreating a Victorian seance experience without the paranormal on the 11th of Nov at Preston Manor #PrestGhost

@BrightonMuseums (1:53pm)

Here’s an obvious question we’ve had: Paula, do you believe in ghosts? #PrestGhost

@BrightonMuseums (1:54pm)

I don’t personally believe in ghosts – although I am scared by them! I know people who have had very creepy experiences! #PrestGhost

@BrightonMuseums (1:56pm)

Did you know, in historic houses rooms called the Blue Room are invariably the most haunted. It’s the same with Preston Manor #PrestGhost

@BrightonMuseums (1:59pm)

One last Q: when was The White Lady last seen at Preston Manor? #PrestGhost

@BrightonMuseums (2:00pm)

I know somebody who saw The White Lady in the grounds of Preston Manor in the 1970s. #PrestGhost

@BrightonMuseums (2:09pm)

That’s it for our spooky talk, thanks to all who followed, tweeted or retweeted. We have Halloween events at the Manor!

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