An Unsinkable Swimming Costume

An Unsinkable Swimming Costume
19 May 1928, Brighton Herald

Jabez Wolffe and Hilda Harding Demonstrate in Sea

Brighton has an interest in the new “Swimeesi” bathing costume, for it is the invention of a Harley-street doctor – Dr. M. W. Browdy – assisted by Mr Fred Eyles, son of Mr Frank Eyles, the well-known outfitter, of 8, Western-road, Brighton.

The “Swimeesi” is a costume on novel and scientific lines. It is a perfectly orthodox bathing dress in appearance, with inflatable rubber air-chambers, rather resembling hot water bottles, fixed inside a the chest and back. These air chambers are so regulated to the particular size of the costume that with a very little inflation they will support the swimmer with a buoyancy that enables him or her to concentrate purely on “strokes.” And at the same time with the most complete safety. It is considered impossible for anyone to sink while wearing this costume.


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