Transcript of twitter Q&A with Janita Bagshawe (for Museums Association 2011 conference)

Earlier today, our Head of Museums and the Royal Pavilion gave a question and answer session on twitter. The session was inspired by the forthcoming 2011 Museums Association conference which will be held in Brighton 3-4 October. The session was on the theme of Innovation: Creativity and Crisis, which Janita will be co-ordinating at the conference. Here is a transcript of the discussion:

@BrightonMuseums Janita is now with us for #JanitaQA. Please fire away! #museums2011 (11:02am)

@BrightonMuseums Here’s one q: how can museums make money from their digital assets? #JanitaQA. (11:04am)

@BrightonMuseums Initially, you need to identify images that are of popular interest, and get them out on relevant channels. #JanitaQA (11:07am)

@BrightonMuseums That could be flickr or Facebook, but could also be a museum’s website or a digital asset management system. #JanitaQA. (11:09am)

@BrightonMuseums Another q: does the environmental agenda make natural history collections more valuable? #JanitaQA. (11:15am)

@BrightonMuseums They’ve always been valuable. But the current environmental agendas particularly relating to sustainability mean that they are…#JanitaQA (11:17am)

@BrightonMuseums … valuable in so far as they help us understand the impact of society on the natural world.#JanitaQA. (11:17am)

@BrightonMuseums Q: What case studies will you be co-ordinating for the #museums2011 conference? #JanitaQA (11:27am)

@BrightonMuseums The theme will be Innovation, Creativity and Crisis. One session will be on historic house interpretation, including egs. from… #JanitaQA (11:28am)

@BrightonMuseums … National Trust, Historic Royal Palaces and the Royal Pavilion. #JanitaQA. (11:29am)

@BrightonMuseums Another session will be ‘Are science collections an endangered species?’. This will focus on science and technology. #JanitaQA (11:31am)

@BrightonMuseums We’re also running a workshop on ‘Beyond white cubes and black boxes’. This will be a chance to try out some fresh ideas! #JanitaQA. (11:32am)

@BrightonMuseums Another session on this theme is on ‘sweating’ your assets. Can we use our collections to survive tough economic times? #JanitaQA. (11:35am)

@jennylhand @BrightonMuseums what’s the biggest challenge for (women) leaders in the cultural sector currently #JanitaQA (11:36am)

@BrightonMuseums @jennylhand Good q! Current crisis shouldn’t be used as an excuse to turn back the clock on equalities. #JanitaQA (11:42am)

@BrightonMuseums There could be a threat in closure of workplace nurseries, less flexible working. #JanitaQA (11:43am)

@BrightonMuseums I’d also say that we have to use this as an opportunity to be creative, and not just negative.#JanitaQA. (11:45am)

@BrightonMuseums When the conference was in Brighton in 1911, the press warned of invading suffragettes.#JanitaQA. (11:49am)

@rachellackie @BrightonMuseums a Q for #JanitaQA – what role should museums be playing in their local communities in these times of change? (11:55am)

@BrightonMuseums We need to support learning, improve people’s lives, engage them with place and their heritage, and… #JanitaQA (12:00pm)

@BrightonMuseums … support a sustainable future. #JanitaQA (12:00pm)

@BrightonMuseums That’s the end of #JanitaQA. Thanks to Janita for taking part, and many thanks to all those who asked questions. (12:01pm)

Thanks to all those who took part in the session today.

Kevin Bacon
Digital Development Officer

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