The Hillestak Stacking Chair 1950

I’m not just any old beechwood chair,

Plonked any old where.

I was donated by the Design Council of Great Britain, 1979

To Brighton Museum.

I sit five feet in the air

On a plinth (me thinks), surrounded by other chairs.

Mary with the Hillestak Stacking Chair
Mary with the Hillestak Stacking Chair

By my Λ-shaped right foot is a sign:


It makes me feel like a leper

Folded away somewhere.

I collapse when I’m not in use.

My designers Robin and Lucienne Day

Won a gold medal at the Milan Triennale Exhibition, 1951

I was on show, I was on show, I was on show.  Wow!

Mary O’Dwyer, Volunteer

I chose to write about the Hillestak Stacking chair because it looked forlorn amongst other more sophisticated chairs.

I volunteer once a month for a couple of hours at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery.

  1. Geoff

    Don’t be sad hillestak chair. I think you are beautiful. If I owned you I would place you on the floor and sit on you every day. How happy we would be.

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