At Work With… Ged Ribas

… Ged Ribas, year 10 work experience student

On my first day at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, after being introduced to some members of staff I spent the afternoon wandering through the spacious rooms of the Royal Pavilion. It was a bright day and it was swarming with a multitude of sunglass-ed tourists. It may not be the best of time to visit, but the eccentric variety of wallpapers was enough to compensate.


The next day, after a session of very thorough shredding we visited Martin from the fashion department in his basement studio. It was a large space which was mainly taken up by the efficient yet very big storage system leaving an ample working area at the front. We spent the afternoon oblivious of the thunderstorm outside fixing mannequins and sorting some Biba accessories and items of clothing for the upcoming exhibition at the Museum.

On Wednesday, the day marking the middle of my experience (so soon), I spent down in the basement storage room with Fiona and Jody from Exhibitions organising and measuring plinths. I never really realised the immensity of the Museum’s underground system and I doubt I’ve seen it all. It was a very enjoyable day.

The next and penultimate day of my time at the Museum I spent first of all doing some office work, whilst in the afternoon I assisted Michael from the education department in finding some stuffed nocturnal animals for a school visit the next day up at the Booth Museum. I completely lost track of all time during my time up in the storage level looking at all sorts of interesting stuff.

On Friday, my last day I sat in on a meeting about the upcoming Biba show and a community project which I found interesting and showed me how things are decided in the Museum.

It has been a very enjoyable and interesting week so far and I would like to thank everyone for allowing me to help them, and special thanks to Jody for all the hard work she’s put in to make it all possible.

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