Austentation perform in the Royal Pavilion

Austentation (Gillian Tunley and Frank Underwood) in the Royal Pavilion's Music Room
Austentation (Gillian Tunley and Frank Underwood) in the Royal Pavilion’s Music Room

Last Monday, visitors to the Royal Pavilion were treated to a performance by the Regency music duo Austentation. Austentation are vocalist Gillian Tunley and instrumentalist Frank Underwood. They perform music from the Georgian period, and include pieces from the personal collection of writer Jane Austen.

Frank Underwood with his guitar
Frank Underwood with his guitar

It was a fabulous performance, and a rare chance to hear the Music Room used for its original purpose. Gillian expressed some concern that her voice may test the stability of the chandeliers, but they remained intact and in place!

We have posted five clips of Austentation’s performance on You Tube. They are:

We hope you enjoy!

Kevin Bacon
Digital Development Officer

9 Responses

  1. Jane B

    You look great Gilly! And what a fantastic setting… I love the Royal Pavilion!

  2. Sheila Webb

    It is an excellent performance.
    ‘Austentation’ has such style and elegance .
    Gill’s voice works beautifully with the guitar accompaniment.
    She moves and twirls the fan in perfect harmony.
    The songs are very tuneful and the setting is perfect.
    I am impressed and I’m sure Jane Austen would be!

  3. Anonymous

    Splendid performance, may pink roses always lie at your feet Gilli!

    Let me know if you’re planning to produce a CD, it would be criminal not to.

    All the best and hig bugs from Desmond and Edward 🙂 xx

  4. Anonymous

    Love the dress and the venue.
    I want to come and see the next performance, please!
    Don’t look in the diary to find a day when I am busy this time.. and listen to the CD.

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