A Royal table returns

Writing table commissioned by George, Prince of Wales, c1810. Photographed in the Royal Pavilion's Banqueting Room Gallery.
Writing table commissioned by George, Prince of Wales, c1810

Thanks to the generosity of the late Barbara Curd née Coombes, a writing table made for George, Prince of Wales, in about 1810 has returned to the Royal Pavilion. The mahogany writing table was removed from the Royal Pavilion by Queen Victoria between 1845 and 1850 and given by her to her third son Prince Arthur, later Duke of Connaught ( 1850-1942). The Duke had a distinguished military career, rising to the rank of Field Marshall. He spent part of each year at Bagshot Park, Surrey or at Clarence House, London. The table was probably used at one or both of these residences.

Charlotte Haskins, date unknown. Photograph by Madame Yevonde.
Charlotte Haskins, date unknown. Photograph by Madame Yevonde.

The Duke died at Bagshot on 16 January 1942, nursed in his last years by Charlotte Haskins (1897-1965 ). At some point he gave the table as a present to his nurse and it descended to Barbara Curd (1919-2011) who wished to leave it to the Royal Pavilion in memory of her aunt, Charlotte Haskins.

The table is marked on the underside PAVILION and carries the monogram of George IV. It is possible that it was made by the royal cabinet makers Tatham, Bailey and Sanders.

David Beevers
Keeper of the Royal Pavilion

8 Responses

  1. Steven Phillips

    Charlotte Haskins was my Great Grand Aunt and I’ve done a lot of research into the Haskins family history. I’d be pleased to share information with relatives of the late Barbara Curd, including giving access to my online family tree on Ancestry.co.uk.

    • Barbara Morris

      Dear Steven, Barbara Curd was my Aunt, I remember Charlotte from my childhood, when she came to stay with my Grandmother Amelia, who lived in Littleworth.
      Have been trying to find out more about the family. Hope this finds you .

      • Iain McKie

        Dear Steven and Barbara. As you might know Charlotte Haskins was my aunt. My mother was Clara Haskins who in 1938 married James McKie in Troon Scotland. It would be intriguing to find out how you are and to exchange information on Charlotte. There are a number of gaps in my understanding and it would be great to see the Ancestry.co.uk information. Over time I have lost touch with your sides of the family and perhaps it is time to catch up. Best wishes, Iain

  2. Karen

    Was she an artist? I have an oil painting witha signature of Charlotte Haskins.

  3. Barbara Morris

    Dear Iain.

    I seem to remember Dad driving me up to Scotland and staying with you. I must have been about 9 or 10 yrs old. When mum died Dad got rid of lots of photos so I don’t have any pictures of great Aunt Clara or Charlotte or any other family. Would be great to hear from you soon. Barbara

  4. Iain McKie

    Dear Barbara,

    Have just picked your message up. My apologies.

    My son Derek has recently been taking an interest in our ancestry and Steven Phillips gave me access to his family tree.

    Would be lovely to get to know you better and to exchange information.

    Hope all is well with you and yours,

    Best wishes,


  5. Barbara Morris

    Dear Iain
    would like to get in touch how do we go about it on here.

    Best wishes

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