The Booth Museum of British Birds

Booth Museum, Brighton

The single most important source of information about Booth’s collection is the publication “Catalogue of the Cases of Birds in the Dyke Road Museum, Brighton”. This was written by Booth with additional notes by Arthur Foster Griffith.

The catalogue states that there are 1,498 specimens of mounted birds recorded as having been collected by him. These are vital pieces of information as subsequent to Booth’s death many changes have been made to the museum, new cases have been built, specimens have been inserted into some original cases and some specimens have been removed. In addition, specimen taxonomy has also been updated.

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Jeremy Adams, retired Assistant Keeper at the Booth Museum

  1. Gerald Morgan

    I used to visit this collection when a boy in the 1940s and 50s. I’m glad to see it’s still open. Did it ever, by any chance, have some of the ‘Hastings rarities’ in earlier times?

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