Prince’s Trust Get Started With Photography Course

The Royal Pavilion & Museums has been working in partnership with the Prince’s Trust to deliver a course for 16-25 year olds. 

Blog post by Azzy Lawrence, project participant.


During my time at Brighton Museum, I learned many skills on digital and SLR cameras to work towards my Bronze Arts Award. I also learned how to use Photoshop. Although I didn’t use many of the extra camera settings to take my final pictures, I learned about aperture and shutter speed and how & why to use them. I am a keen photographer in my spare time and I will now use these skills on a regular basis to see how I can change my photos for better or worse.

Before I started the course I attended a taster course where I learned about light graffiti.

On my first day I created some pictures using the cyanotype process where I placed objects on sunprint paper and leave them in the sun for a while then place the paper in a tray of water and aggravate the paper by shaking the tray.

After I completed my pictures, I then took a trip to Hove Museum. During my visit, I took photos of things in the exhibition that appealed to me and had to give a short presentation to explain why. I also had to collect various flyers & leaflets to prove that I had visited the museum.

On day two I learned how to work in and take photos in a studio. I took portrait photos and then had portrait photos taken of me. I was taught the skills to do this by Alice who was taught the same skills only one hour before to pass on to me. Whilst she was doing her training I was learning skills on Photoshop such as how to cut a portrait and paste it onto a separate landscape. I then passed on my skills to other students in my group so they could then complete the same process.

On the third day I travelled around Brighton and took various photos to get an idea of what sort of photos I was going to take and use for my final piece. I was then shown a series of old photos by Kevin the museum curator. Out of the photos I picked a few of old Brighton landscapes that I recognised and went out and took photos of them and tried to replicate them as close as possible. These places include: The Sea life Centre, bottom of North Street and Western Road/Dyke Road. I paired together my landscape photos with the old ones I picked. Although I came up with the idea myself, someone had used the same idea in an article in the Guardian newspaper. Seeing this just gave me more confidence in thinking that what I was doing was a good idea.

As well as doing photography, I had to do a profile on an artist. I chose to do Mike Stimpson as he is relatively unknown photographer and I didn’t want to give people information on someone they already knew about.  Also his photo style is similar to what I have been doing. He recreates iconic photos using Lego. You can see his work on Facebook by searching Mike Stimpson Photography.

On the final day my photos of old and new Brighton landscapes were put up as part of an exhibition and was open to the public. I then had to explain what my photos were of, where they were and why I chose them.

Azzy Lawrence, Brighton, participant in Get Started With Photography course.

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