Love Letter to the Prince of Wales, 1812

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With Valentine’s Day approaching we take the chance to view a private letter between the illegally married Mrs Fitzherbert and George IV.

Letter from Mrs Fitzherbert to The Prince of Wales

Letter from Mrs Fitzherbert to Prince of Wales
Letter from Mrs Fitzherbert to Prince of Wales

To – The Prince of Wales

From – Mrs Fitzherbert

Dated – October 25th 1812


It is with no small degree of mortification that I find my last letter to you still unnotic’d. I cannot add any stronger arguments to what that letter contain’d. Moments of reflection must recall to yr. Royal Highness recollection that what I there repeated, I had in your own hand writing and signature. I am confident Sir my letter was perfectly respectful and written with great good feeling towards yr R.H. Do not Sir by a contemptuous silence compel me for my own justification to appeal to the opinions of impartial persons by showing them my letters to you on this occasion that they may judge whether or not I have said any thing in them to merit the treatment I have met with. I still wait your R.H. pleasure to know the cause of this delay, and when it is to

cease. I have the honour of subscribing myself yr R.H. very obd. Humble Servant.



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