What are Collections Reviews?

The Royal Pavilion & Museums has some amazing archaeology collections which have been in its possession from the very beginning of the museum’s history.

As part of the work funded by Renaissance in the Regions this year, RPM is undertaking a formal review of its archaeology collections to assess their current importance and future use. This summer, as a part of the review, we will be creating a small display of archaeology objects in the Window on the Collections case outside Brighton History Centre in Brighton Museum and ask museum visitors to comment on what we should do with these collections.

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  1. roundhillrob

    I tried to contact the archaeology part of Brighton Museum about two years ago and was told there was no keeper in post, but they thought there might be in April (perhaps 2010).

    Is there anyone now who might know if we have skulls and pottery found ‘above the cricketing ground, on Round Hill’ circa 1822 in the vaults of Brighton Museum?

    Regarding archaeological remains, I would love to see computer generated images of the city and area created for different times, with links to high-quality images of objects held in the museum. The whole thing could be online, with different ‘pages’ displayed physically, over time.

  2. Elaine O'Neill

    I feel that as a resident of Brighton as a large percentage of Brighton residents are a transient population revolving around the Universities, and tourists it is important to enable people to find out about Brighton’s History. The one place anyone would expect to find this information would be in the town’s main Museum and in my personal opinion,not enough is on offer in Brighton Museum about the Archaeology of the town, we have a monument in Brighton which is of National importance which barely gets a mention in the Museum, and yet there is so much to say. I remember when there was a large exhibition about Whitehawk Hill which I think was back in the 90’s, with the skeletons under glass sections of floor. I thought it was very striking and would welcome more information on this topic on show in the Museum. The fact that more is being discovered all the time about the archaeology of the town just makes it all the more exciting. The main collections on display should be changed more often, and possibly rotated around the Museum to create interest for those who have been to the Museum before, and include ways visitors can leave their views on the displays.

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