Before requesting to use an image from our collections, please search for it on our Digital Media Bank.

Where possible, we make photographs and other digital reproductions of our collections available for re-use. They can be downloaded directly from Digital Media Bank at a variety of sizes. There is no need to log-in and no charges apply for most uses — although we invite you to support our work by making a donation.

If you cannot find the image on Digital Media Bank, please make a request by using the form below after reading the following notes.

Please note that with reduced staff numbers working on site during the Covid-19 pandemic we cannot accept any requests for new photography or scanning.


  1. Royal Pavilion & Museums will usually only supply images where the work is out of copyright, or we own or manage the copyright.
  2. If copyright in an image belongs to a third party, you must contact the estate or collecting society to negotiate use. Proof of the necessary permissions must be provided to Royal Pavilion & Museums before we will supply the image.
  3. If an image is protected by copyright but the creator is unknown, you will need to purchase a UK government backed orphan works licence before we will supply the image.
  4. You will need to pay for any new photography or scanning that is required for the image. We will advise of the relevant costs, but we cannot guarantee any timescales for delivery.
  5. If copyright in the image belongs to or is managed by Royal Pavilion & Museums, additional licence fees may apply.
  6. We cannot supply copies of images from the Regency Society’s James Gray collection. You should contact the Regency Society direct for these images.
  7. We can only supply additional measurement information and images of artworks if it is already held within our collections database. Unless the works require new photography.

See our Intellectual Property Rights & Reproduction Policy for more details on how we manage copyright.

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