Fees for licensing images or creating new digital reproductions of our collections.

All requests should be made using the online form.

Commercial image charges

All fees are exclusive of VAT. Extra charges may apply if works in our collection need to be scanned or photographed. Discounts may be given for the use of multiple images from our collection.


Print run up to 4000 copies: Free

Print run over 4000 copies (single country only): £60 (inner page); £200 (cover)

Print run over 4000 (worldwide): £100 (inner page); £300 (cover)



Regional newspaper: £20

National newspaper: £60



Local magazine: £20 (inner page); £60 (cover)

National / International magazine: £50 (inner page); £150 (cover)



Local broadcast: £40

Single country broadcast: £75

World broadcast: £150

10 year buyout (for DVD, Blu-Ray and direct pay per view use): £300


Photography and scanning charges

All fees are exclusive of VAT and per work to be digitised.  Discounts may be given where multiple works need to be scanned or photographed.

Scanning: £15

In-house photography: £50

External photographers may be used if we do not have sufficient staff or equipment to photograph the work in question. Fees for external photographers will be negotiated on a case by case basis.