Before requesting to use an image from our collections, please search for it on our Digital Media Bank.

Alice in Wonderland. Oil painting by George Dunlop Leslie, c1879

Where possible, we make photographs and other digital reproductions of our collections available for re-use. They can be downloaded directly from the Digital Media Bank at a variety of sizes. There is no need to log-in and they can often be reproduced free of charge — although please support our work by making a donation.

If you cannot find the image on our Digital Media Bank, please make a request by using the form below after reading the following notes.


  1. A £30 administration fee will be charged to cover staff costs in locating the files and performing the necessary rights checking. It does not guarantee supply of the image. If the request relates to multiple images, we will advise you of the appropriate fee. Payment must be paid using a debit or credit card.
  2. We will only supply images where the work is out of copyright or we own or manage the copyright.
  3. If copyright in an image belongs to a third party, you must contact the rights holder to negotiate use. Proof of the necessary permissions must be provided to the Royal Pavilion & Museums Trust before we will supply the image.
  4. If an image is protected by copyright but the creator is unknown, you will need to purchase a UK government backed orphan works licence before we will supply the image.
  5. You will need to pay for any new photography or scanning that is required for the image. Photography and scanning costs are listed below.
  6. If copyright in the image belongs to or is managed by the Royal Pavilion & Museums Trust, we may charge a licence fee depending on use. These are listed below.
  7. We cannot supply copies of images from the Regency Society’s James Gray collection. You should contact the Regency Society direct for these images.
  8. We can only supply additional measurement information and images of artworks if it is already held within our collections database. 
  9. We cannot provide information about images provided by third parties, such as guest bloggers.

See our Intellectual Property Rights & Reproduction Policy for more details on how we manage copyright.

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    Open licensing and free use

    There are two ways in which we enable our images to be reproduced for free.

    CC0 / Public Domain

    If an image is out of copyright or we have waived any rights we may hold in it, we declare it as CC0 / Public Domain under Creative Commons. This means that the image can be freely re-used without our permission.

    Most photographs and scans of 2D works such as paintings and prints are considered public domain if the original work is no longer be protected by copyright. In artworks, copyright protection usually ends 70 years after the artist’s death.

    CC BY-SA

    If the Royal Pavilion & Museums Trust owns copyright in an image of an object in our collections, we usually release it under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike (CC BY-SA 4.0) licence. This means that the image can be freely re-used providing it is credited to the ‘Royal Pavilion & Museums Trust’ and any works incorporating the image are released under the same licence. This means that some uses of the image (including most commercial uses) will require further permissions, which may be chargeable.

    Most photographs of 3D objects are covered by CC BY-SA licences, even if the original work is no longer protected by copyright. This is because a photograph of a 3D object is not a slavish copy of the original, but requires considerable skill and care in choosing how to position, compose and light the photograph.

    Reproduction Charges

    If new photography or scanning is required, or your intended use is not covered by an open licence, fees will apply. These are charged in addition to the £30 administration fee for handling your enquiry.

    Licence fees

    These fees apply to images in which the Royal Pavilion & Museums Trust owns or manages the copyright and the intended use is not covered by an existing open licence.

    All fees are exclusive of VAT. All fees below £100 must be paid using a credit or debit card. Discounts may be given for the use of multiple images from our collection.

    • Print run up to 4000 copies: Free
    • Print run over 4000 copies (single country only): £60 (inner page); £200 (cover)
    • Print run over 4000 (worldwide): £100 (inner page); £300 (cover)
    • Regional newspaper: £20
    • National newspaper: £60
    • Local magazine: £20 (inner page); £60 (cover)
    • National / International magazine: £50 (inner page); £150 (cover)
    • Local broadcast: £40
    • Single country broadcast: £75
    • World broadcast: £150
    • 10 year buyout (for DVD, Blu-Ray and direct pay per view use): £300

    Photography and scanning charges

    • Scanning: £15
    • Photography: negotiable

    Some scanning of 2D works can be conducted in-house, but this depends on the size and condition of the object. We commission external photographers to reproduce 3D and large format works in our collection.

    All fees are exclusive of VAT and are charged per work.  Discounts may be given where multiple works need to be scanned or photographed.

    Any new intellectual property rights that are created in the photography will be retained by the Royal Pavilion & Museums Trust. Permissions for further use may be built into the photography agreement.