Brighton in the Stone Age

1 hour, onsite, all KS

Whitehawk Woman
Whitehawk Woman

Join us in the Elaine Evans Archaeology Gallery to uncover the story of Brighton’s ancient past in the tale of Whitehawk Hill and the ancient people who built and visited it.

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What happens in the session?

Solve some puzzles, handle 5000 year old artefacts, become a Stone Age trader and hear Sussex folklore stories under a starry sky just like your ancient ancestors did.

  • Please let us know of any SEND needs of your class before your visit.
  • Please ensure suitable adult supervision.

Aims of the session:

  1. To enjoy your time with us
  2. To feel a connection to our ancestors
  3. To see similarities and difference between people across time and place
  4. To find out how Stone Age people lived in Sussex
  5. To recognise similarities and differences between people across time and place
  6. To use skills of analysis and persuasive argument to interpret historical evidence

History Curriculum Links:

  • KS1: Significant historical events, people / places in their own locality
  • KS2: Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age
  • KS3: An aspect or site in local history dating form a period before 1066

Cross Curricular: Literacy • Numeracy • Geography • Design & Technology • Business & Enterprise • Heritage Management • History

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