‘People from Peru had objects buried with them to help them in the afterlife.’ – Caz, 23

Objects for the AfterlifeHow did these 500 year old objects make their 6,000 mile journey to Brighton?

In ancient Peru people were buried with personal possessions to support and protect them in the next world. The original entry in the museum’s register states that the objects in this display were from the grave of an Inca princess. But can this be true?

500 years ago in the Peruvian Andes, life was challenging. What can these objects tell us about the lives of the person or people who owned them? Which of these would you take to help you in the afterlife?

Young people from Whitehawk Art Group used creative writing to explore questions raised by these objects. They recorded a spoken word piece which you can listen to in the gallery. It is accompanied by some traditional flute music from the High Andes.

What special things would you take with you into the next world?