‘This colour is very traditional in Iran, it is very typically Persian. When I see it I feel like I am in Iran.’ – Arshia

For centuries Iranian artists have created objects and images using written words or calligraphy in a beautiful way. The objects displayed in the gallery, including tiles and carved spoons, show both Islamic and Persian designs.

Mr Shapouri, a calligrapher who moved to Brighton from Iran in 1989, donated one of his pen boxes and pens to Brighton Museum for the new gallery.

Iranian Art

Today Iran’s art scene is young and vibrant. Some artists still use calligraphy and other ancient art forms but make it relevant to now. Brighton Museum has acquired several contemporary works by Iranian artists that reflect this trend.

Young Iranians studying in Brighton shared their knowledge of objects in Brighton Museum. Their quotes are included in some of the gallery labels. 70% of the population of Iran are under 30 years old.

How can art express ideas that are too big for words?