How can a game bring people together?

Football unites us, it gives us an identity and helps us to make friends. But what does football mean to people?

‘Football is the link between me and my friends, between me and my enemies, between me and everyone. The world has differences but football is the common ground. Football is a culture we’re all part of. Football is a language we all speak.’ – Jamie, 23

Football from Bamako, Mali

‘My message to players in Europe is that if they have hearing problems like me they should continue to play and never give up because we can all play football.’ – Gaoussou, 19

Young people from Brighton and Bamako in Mali worked with the museum to explore the subject. Two football tournaments were organised with help from Coaching For Hope in Bamako and Albion In The Community in Brighton. Young people in both cities helped organise the tournaments, collect football-related objects and film interviews.

So, is football just a game?