A look into the scientific research behind the gallery

DNA Analysis

Ancient DNA – Movement and Physical Characteristics of Early People


Dr Selina Brace, The Natural History Museum

Isotope Analysis

Strontium and Oxygen Stable Isotope Analysis


Prof. Janet Montgomery, Durham University

Dental Plaque Analysis

Dental Plaque Analysis


Dr Camilla Speller, University of York


Osteoarchaeology, the Study of Ancient Bones


Dr Paola Ponce, University of York

Radiocarbon Dating

Carbon 14 Dating


Prof. Gordon Cook, Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre

Stable Isotope Analysis

Carbon and Nitrogen Stable Isotope Analysis


Dr Michelle Alexander, University of York

DNA Archaeology

Ancient DNA – Changes and Movements of Early People


Dr Tom Booth, The Natural History Museum

Experimental Archaeology

Experimental Archaeology


James Dilley, www.ancientcraft.co.uk

Biosphere Programme

Brighton Biosphere, The Living Coast


Rich Howorth, Biosphere Programme Manager