The spotlight is on the global world of performance in this dramatic space at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery.

Spitting Image puppetPublic performances take place all over the world inspiring people to create spectacular things. The Performance Gallery displays some of the props, costumes and sets left behind when the show is over. It explores the experience of the performance from the perspective of both the performer and the spectator.

This gallery was inspired by our collections of performance-related material from around the world. These include masks, puppets, musical instruments, theatre sets, costume and prints.

Puppets in Performance Gallery

Local highlights include items donated by Brighton DJ Fat Boy Slim aka Norman Cook donated by Skint Records and ‘Mother Time Keeper’, a Burning of the Clocks lantern costume created by Nicola Gunson, to celebrate a Brighton city winter festival.

From further afield, another highlight is a rare group of water puppets from Vietnam. Other puppets include examples of shadow, rod and marionettes, from Burma (Myanmar), Mali, India and Java.

The gallery also includes a Punch and Judy both created by Sergeant Stone for visitors to use, and masks which activate sound and film footage of puppetry traditions in Mali, Burma and Vietnam.

Many of the exhibits in this gallery come from the museum’s World Art collection, but our Fine Art, Decorative Art and Local History collections are also represented.

Where is it?

The Performance gallery is on the first floor of Brighton Museum.

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