The Museum of Transology

This display has ended 

Extended to 5 January 2020
Free with admission to Brighton Museum, members and residents free

This bold, brave and profound collection of artefacts and photographic portraiture began with donations from Brighton’s vibrant trans community. It is now the largest collection representing trans people in the UK – if not the world.

Undefinable gender by Katy Davies, (c) Fashion Space Gallery
Undefinable gender by Katy Davies, (c) Fashion Space Gallery

This display challenges the idea that gender is fixed, binary and biologically determined by exploring how the objects reflect the participants’ self-determined gender journeys.

This launches Be Bold, a series of collaborative exhibitions and events, programmed with Brighton & Hove’s LGBTQ communities.

Please note the display has been extended and the end date may change.

The exhibition deals with themes of the body, gender and identity, the content of which may be graphic. Please be aware that some objects are of a sensitive nature, including human tissue, visitors may have a personal response which connects to their own experiences and lives. Parents and carers are responsible for supervising visiting children.

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