Ice Age, Europe, Brighton Museum, Chilled to the Bone: Ice Age Sussex


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End: 24th August 2014

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This Exhibition has now closed

Spotlight Gallery, Brighton Museum

Using the Royal Pavilion & Museums natural history and archaeology collections this new display explores the ice age. More relevant than ever today, the ice ages throughout Earth’s history can help to indicate what effect climate change could have on our modern world, and how those changes could impact on our future.

Ice ages are also intrinsically linked to the story of man, as we have only existed while ice has been present at the poles. The display looks at how ice has driven our evolution, why we have survived whilst the Neanderthals perished, and what the disappearance of ice from the poles could mean for our survival.

The display also tells the fascinating story of the Victorian ‘great bone rush’, an intensive search by scientists and gentleman collectors across Europe, looking for the origins of modern humans. Sussex was often at the centre of this search, from early archaeological discoveries of tools, to the controversy of the Piltdown forgery, and finally the discovery of Boxgrove Man, the oldest known human ancestors in Britain.

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