Alice Maher: Natural Artifice


Start: 27 January 2007

End: 9 April 2007

Categories: Exhibitions

This exhibition is now closed

Alice Maher, Collar, 2003. Courtesy of Alice Maher.
Alice Maher, Collar, 2003. Courtesy of Alice Maher.

Alice Maher works in a wide variety of media, including sculpture, installation, drawing and photography to create surprising pieces that trigger emotional responses.Many of her works draw on myth, history or folklore; all are beautifully and delicately crafted, yet have an underlying twist to them.

Her dramatic pieces include a dress made of berries and a metal bed that becomes refrigerated and shines with frost A recent series of photographs reveals her shockingly intimate relationship with nature, as she wears a helmet of snails, an evergreen sleeve, a collar of hearts. Delicate trails and unexpected tales are created with materials drawn from nature, transformed into thought-provoking works.

Alice Maher emerged in the 1990s as one of Ireland’s leading artists and has received considerable attention in Europe. This is the first major exhibition of her work in the UK. It includes existing pieces as well as new work – some of it, such as a dinner set, created in response to Brighton Museum’s collections. A fully illustrated publication accompanies the exhibition, with texts by Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith and Gill Perry.