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LGBTQ Trail: Calling Card

LGBTQ Calling card, 1990s Brighton has been famous for being a party town, a place to escape to, since the early 1800s when George IV commissioned his Royal Pavilion and the town began to develop as a holiday resort. The … Continued

LGBTQ Trail: Duncan Grant

Duncan Grant, 1885-1978 Painted panel for the Music Room of the Lefevre Gallery, c1932 Duncan Grant was a key member of the Bloomsbury Group, a set of British artists and intellectuals united by their bohemian attitudes. He had sexual relationships … Continued

Oil painting. Acrobats Waiting to Rehearse, Glyn Philpot, 1935

LGBTQ Museum Trail

An LGBTQ trail through Brighton Museum, curated by Robert White and Kelly Boddington. Brighton & Hove is often referred to as the gay capital of the UK and Brighton Museum & Art Gallery displays many objects with an LGBTQ (Lesbian, … Continued

LGBTQ Museum Trail – René Lalique

René Lalique, 1860-1945 Palestre Vase, c1930 The title of this vase refers to palaestra, the wrestling schools built in many Ancient Greek cities at public expense. Wrestling was conducted in the nude and the frieze depicts a group of male … Continued

LGBTQ Museum Trail – Glyn Philpot

Glyn Philpot, 1884-1937 Acrobats Waiting to Rehearse, 1935 Glyn Philpot was homosexual and a practising Christian, who became celebrated for his society portraits in the early 20th century. While serving in World War I he met Vivian Forbes who became … Continued

LGBTQ Museum Trail – Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen, 1967-2010 Silk dress, 2001 Alexander McQueen realised he was gay at only six years old and came out to his parents aged 18. In 2000 he married his partner, George Forsythe. Although they split up one year later, … Continued

LGBTQ Museum Trail – Queen Anne and William III

King William III (reigned 1689-1702) Delftware dish, c1700 William of Orange was never popular and rumours of his alleged homosexuality were circulated by his opponents, particularly after the death of his wife, Queen Mary, in 1694. His preference for close … Continued

LGBTQ Museum Trail – Gay Pride & LGBTQ Life

Pride T-shirt, 1997 Following the June 1969 police raid on the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York City, the city’s first Pride march took place in 1970 and the LGBTQ rights movement grew. London was the first UK … Continued

LGBTQ Museum Trail – The Devil’s Altar

Gluck, 1895-1978 The Devil’s Altar, 1932 Once Hannah Gluckstein gained independence from her wealthy family, she began to dress exclusively in men’s clothes and shortened her name to Gluck. In the 1920s she was encouraged by her lover, society florist … Continued

LGBTQ Museum Trail – Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry Difficult Background, 2001 Grayson Perry had a difficult childhood with an abusive stepfather, and used art to create imaginary fantasy worlds into which he would escape with his teddy bear Alan Measles. He realised he was a transvestite … Continued

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