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Every Tuesday, Brighton Museum have been holding free bite-sized gallery talks at midday.

The pop-up guided tours, short talks and closer looks at stories from our eclectic collections are led by Royal Pavilion & Museums staff.

Tuesday 22 December

Passion for Piers. Taking a closer look at the history and architecture of the West Pier. With Gallery Explainer Michael Carey.

Tuesday 15 December

Amazing Amber. Taking a closer look at the secrets of the past that amber can reveal. With Curator of Natural History John Cooper.

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Tuesday 8 December

Threatened Wildlife. Discovering the wildlife which is most in danger and learn what we can do to help. With Natural History Curator Lee Ismail.

Tuesday 1 December

In Pursuit of Pleasure. Novelties and Pastimes in the 18th & 19th centuries. With Curator Cecilia Kendall.

Tuesday 24 November

Pots about People. Celebrating the publication of A Potted History and learning more about Henry Willett and his extraordinary ceramics collection. With author and former Keeper Stella Beddoe.

Tuesday 17 November

The Fashion Designer Charles James. Discovering more about this under-rated Couturier and his aristocratic clients. With Fashion & Textiles Curator Martin Pel.

Tuesday 10 November

Passion for Piers. Exploring the personality, architecture and history of British piers made before 1914. With Explainer Jackie Marsh-Hobbs.

Tuesday 3 November

Unravelling Mummies. Learning more about the strange world of Egyptian animal mummification. With Local History & Archaeology Curator Heather York.

Tuesday 27 October 

Brighthelmstone, Sussex (1824) by Joseph M W Turner. A special opportunity to see Turner’s depiction of Brighton at the height of the city’s development. With Fine Art Curator Jenny Lund.

Tuesday 20 October 

Cabinet of Curiosities. Discovering more about the most curious objects in the Archaeology collections. With Local History and Archaeology Curator Heather York.

Tuesday 13 October

Discovering more about Simon Robert’s quest to document our coastline’s remaining pleasure piers. With Curator Jody East.

Tuesday 8 September

Spring-heeled Jack: The leaping monster of Victorian London and his sighting in Brighton. Discovering more about this terrifying urban legend!  With Digital Development Officer Kevin Bacon.

Tuesday 1 September

Naked Ambition: The Power Dynamics of Female Nudity and the Male Gaze in The Judgement of Paris by Ithell Colquhoun. With Visitor Services Officer Meg Hogg.

Tuesday 21 July

Threatened Wildlife. Discovering what marine wildlife is most in danger, and what we can do about it. With Natural Sciences Curator Lee Ismail.

Tuesday 14 July

Gluck: A Lesbian Life: the artist, her dress and the forthcoming exhibition. With Curator of Fashion & Textiles Martin Pel.

Tuesday 23 June

Love, Scandal & Intrigue. Uncovering the passions of the 18th & 19th Centuries, explored through the Willet Collection of ceramics. With Curator Cecilia Kendall.

Tuesday 9 June

A closer look at swords made by the Kachin people of Burma, and discovering their symbolic meaning. With Researcher Gumring Hkangda.

Tuesday 19 May

License to Thrill. Pleasure and vice in the eighteenth century explored through the Willet Collection of ceramics. With Curator Cecilia Kendall.

Tuesday 12 May

Meet Mini Turner! Brighton’s own suffragette law-maker & law-breaker. With Gallery Explainer Karen Antoni.

Tuesday 5 May

A State of Dress and Undress. Taking a revealing look at the symbolism of clothing in Fine Art. With Dr Alexandra Loske.

Tuesday 21 April

Rockin’ Bill and the Renegades. Exploring the museum’s Renegade Collection and uncovering the people beneath these unique sub-cultural clothes. With Curator Martin Pel.

Tuesday 7 April

Martha Gunn: Queen of the Ocean! Meeting Georgian Brighton’s Martha Gunn, a professional ‘Dipper’

Tuesday 31 March

Stories from the Strange World of the Booth Museum. With writer-in-residence and Booker Prize finalist Mick Jackson.

Tuesday 24 March

Stone Age Whitehawk: Brighton’s earliest residents. Investigating Brighton’s past through the museum’s Archaeology Collection. With Curator Andy Maxted.

Tuesday 17 March

Fabulous Flint! Just pebbles on the beach? Learning more about the nature and origin of this valuable, natural resource. With Geologist and Booth Museum Curator John Cooper.

Tuesday 10 March

Stella Unscrambled. Exploring the significance of the Post-Abstract expressionists through the Heyer Bequest collection. With Curator Jenny Lund.

Tuesday 3 March

All Wrapped up: the Art of Furoshiki. Learning how to make the Japanese alternative to the carrier bag. With Keeper of World Art Helen Mears.

Tuesday 24 February

All that Glitters. Exploring our collection of Asante Goldweights from Ghana. With Assistant Curator Samantha Sharman.

Tuesday 17 February

Biba, Barbara and Brighton. Looking at the Career of Biba founder Barbara Hulanicki and her relationship to Brighton. With Curator Martin Pel.

Tuesday 10 February

Playful Pottery. A brief look at pastimes in Georgian society through the Willett Collection of ceramics. With Curator Cecilia Kendall.

Tuesday 27 January

Finding out more about the artist Dod Proctor. With Dr Alexandra Loske-Page.

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