Meet the Booths

1.25 hours, onsite, all KS

How did the Victorians gain their knowledge of the natural world? Meet the remarkable Victorians Mr. or Mrs. Booth who will uncover the intriguing world of the Victorian collector. Students discover how real Victorian naturalists set about sorting, classifying and understanding the world in which they lived.

What happens in this session?

Children will meet Mr. or Mrs. Booth as they show them around the Museum and explains their spouse’s passion for collecting British birds. They will find out why this was such important work a hundred years ago to the history of how we study animals, and help sort and classify specimens.

  • Please let us know of any SEN/D needs of your class before your visit.
  • Please ensure suitable adult supervision.

Aims of the session

1. To have fun and enjoy your time with us

2. To meet a Booth and find out more about their significant role in Brighton’s histor

3. To understand more about the history of natural science

4. To wonder at the Booth collections of international significance

5. To be scientists looking, investigating and making deductions using scientific specimens

6. To gain knowledge about the science of taxidermy

7. To learn more about birds’ evolution and adaptations


Curriculum Links


KS1/2/3: Working Scientifically – Animals • Living Things and their Habitats • Evolution and Inheritance


KS1/2/3: Significant historical events – people and places in their own locality

Cross Curriculum Links: Literacy • Numeracy • Drama • Art • DT • Geography

This sessions provides a good complement to Victorian Bygones at Hove Museum and Situations Vacant at Preston Manor.