It is sometimes necessary for us to collect personal information in order to deliver our services. Here we describe the ways in which we may collect and process personal data, and how we protect your privacy.

Royal Pavilion & Museums is currently part of Brighton & Hove City Council, which is the data controller for the information below.

On 1 October 2020 it is intended that the management of Royal Pavilion & Museums will transfer to a new charity, the Royal Pavilion & Museums Trust. Much of the data processed in the course of our business will transfer to the charity.

The charity has its own privacy page which will replace the information below on 1 October or as soon as the transfer is complete.

Bookings and online shop

When you book tickets with us or make a purchase on our online shop, we will ask you for information specific to that order, including your billing address, shipping address, credit card information and email address. The information that you provide is used to process and send your orders. We also use the information to contact you if there is a problem with your order, such as a cancelled event. Unless you opt in to our mailing list at the time of your booking or purchase, we will not use your personal data for any other purpose.

This information is stored in a password protected database on a secure server. Access is limited to trained and authorised staff. Third parties may have occasional access to the data for the sole purpose of upgrading and maintaining our systems, but this will be governed by a data processing agreement.

Payment transaction information is encrypted before it is transmitted across the internet.

Mailing list

We operate several mailing lists for marketing purposes. If you make a booking by telephone or online, you will be invited to sign up to one or more e-newsletters with clearly defined purposes. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose, and we do not share this with any third parties. You can unsubscribe from the list at any time, either using the controls in the newsletter or by completing the contact form below.

We use Mailchimp for collecting data and sending the newsletter. Mailchimp uses secure servers in the United States, but these are certified compliant with the EU-US Privacy Shield.

We also operate smaller mailing lists for users with specialist interests, such as school teachers and youth workers. In these cases, the contact list is maintained by the member of staff who works in this area. Subscribers to these lists can opt out at any time by contacting the member of staff who manages the list, or by using the form below.


We occasionally conduct surveys of our visitors, both in our buildings, online and at other sites. This is so that we can understand how people are using our services, and measuring the success of our work.

These surveys may contain demographic information relating to gender, ethnicity and other details which are considered Special Category Data. This information is collected solely for statistical and reporting purposes, so we can understand the diversity of our audience.

This data is often shared with funders, researchers and other stakeholders, but only in an anonymised form.


The sites we operate are all protected by CCTV. This is for the purposes of crime prevention and public safety.

Our use of this equipment is governed by Brighton & Hove City Council’s CCTV Policy who act as the data controller for this information.

Web cookies

See our Cookie Notice for more information on these.

Royal Pavilion & Museums Foundation

The Royal Pavilion & Museums Foundation is an independent charity that supports our work. As it is a separate legal entity from Brighton & Hove City Council, it has its own Data Protection Policy. See the Royal Pavilion & Museums Foundation page for further details.