This website was designed in consultation with our Access Advisory Group and has been tested with a variety of devices and screen readers.

We believe that web accessibility should be regarded as a continual work in progress, and we welcome suggestions on how to improve this website:

Visual settings

You can adjust some of the visual features of the website. The ‘Accessibility’ button on the top left of each screen will open up a menu of options.



The Accessibility Options panel allows you to adjust the contrast of the website, to either a low contrast or high contrast setting. It is also possible to turn off the background images used on the site.


It is also possible to turn off the background images used on the website.

Many other options can be adjusted through your browser. These websites provide further advice for your browser of device.


Most of the videos used on this website are streamed through YouTube. YouTube has a number of accessibility settings that can be set by the user.

All videos for web use that are created by the Royal Pavilion and Museums are accompanied by subtitles. Sometimes these are burned into the video itself, but they are often embedded as closed caption subtitles. To view these you should click the ‘Subtitles / CC’ button on the You Tube player.

Some of the videos we produce are also accompanied by British Sign Language interpretation (BSL). BSL introductions are available on this website for all five of our museums:

Transcripts are also available for each of these videos.

This website also features video content produced by other suppliers. We cannot provide subtitles or a transcription for these clips.