The Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology, The University of Reading, Ure-View

Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology logoThe Ure Museum houses one of the finest but perhaps least widely known collections of Greek and Egyptian archaeology in the UK, it includes both extraordinary and everyday objects. The collection consists of approximately 2000 objects and is made up primarily of material from the Greek and Greco-Roman civilisations of the Mediterranean.The three vases used by pupils in this project are part of a loan of Greek pottery from the Reading Museum to the Ure Museum.

The Project

What did the ancient Greeks do for entertainment? Where do our modern games come from? In an Olympic year, the Ure Museum worked with a group of Classics students from the University and young people from two Reading secondary schools, Kendrick and Maiden Erlegh, to illustrate how ancient societies helped forge our lives today.

Alice Le Page, Education Officer and Assistant Curator of the Ure Museum explained:

“The project … offers young people the chance to explore the importance of classics in the modern world. The modern Olympic Games was inspired by the Greek tradition and where would we be today without Pythagoras’ theorem or Athenian democracy? Better understanding of the past can help us shape our future.”

The students have been working with young people from the schools, reinterpreting objects from the museum’s fascinating Greek collections.

Young People handlling a Greek vase at Ure Museum

The exhibition aims to explore the stories behind the images and to link the ancient objects to modern Britain. The young participants have responded to the objects with sculpture, sound and digital animation, bringing ancient Greece to life through an artistic installation and exhibition.

You can learn more about the project on our blog.


The exhibition ran from 7 May – 31 August 2012 in the University Main Library.