Our mission is to use our unique collections, buildings and knowledge to connect people to the past and help them understand the present in order to positively influence their future.

This mission is rooted in our founding ideals. When Brighton Museum & Art Gallery first opened in 1873, the Mayor of Brighton declared that it would:

 “Inspire the minds and morals of the people, forget the busy world and afford pleasure and consolation from illness or depression.”

This commitment to learning and improving the wellbeing of our visitors continues to drive us today.


Photo of children engaged in a making activity with paper and glue
‘Chicks and Eggs’ day at Hove Museum, Easter 2017

We have been working with staff and stakeholders to develop a manifesto that applies these principles to the 21st century. This work is ongoing, but some of our key pledges and beliefs are that:

  • Our museums are part of the fabric of Brighton & Hove
  • Our museums are champions of the community, its place in the world and the environment
  • Our museums are places for supporting children and young people
  • Our museums service is a co-operative and economically sustainable organisation that supports and works with the wider sector

You can read more about these pledges and how they shape our work in our draft manifesto.