Royal Pavilion & Museums is committed to increasing the diversity of its workforce and audiences, and upholding princples of Equalities.

Group of visitors in Royal Pavilion tunnel.
Group of visitors in Royal Pavilion tunnel.

As a Major Partner Museum, this is reflected in our work programmes and activities. In accordance with Arts Council England’s Equality and Diversity Action Plan 2015-18, we have adopted four strategic prioirties for implementation in 2016-18.

Diversity Priorities

1.MPMs should take a holistic approach to developing good community relationships, including encouraging their staff to sit on a wide range of organisations’ boards.   

ACTION: RPM will be working to encourage staff to develop in this area, and will produce a staff audit.

2. MPMs should share practice on ways of expanding career development opportunities for all staff, particularly visitor services staff.  

ACTION: RPM will develop a single point to share good practice via our website where we will include information about Workforce Development for Visitor Services staff.  We will also look at other ways of sharing good practice through our MPM Sector Leadership role such as conferences/seminars/workshops.

3. Where MPMs are governed by local authorities or universities and cannot determine the shape of their board, they should establish community panels or other advisory groups to help offer diverse perspectives on their decision-making.

ACTION: RPM will work with its existing Advisory Groups and Networks to explore how this might work, with a view to implementing change by 2018.

4. MPMs should treat volunteers as an integral part of their workforce and make training opportunities available to them. Where possible within the governance of the service, MPMs should create opportunities for volunteers to apply for internal vacancies.

ACTION: RPM is committed to ensuring volunteers get the same opportunities and benefits as staff and will continue its work in this area.

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