Preston Manor House of Ghosts

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Entrance Hall of Preston Manor.

Saturday 19 October & Sunday 29 December 2019

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Say goodbye to the 21st century and get ready for a night on the dark side in Brighton’s most haunted house. Apparitions are commonplace in the manor and as the evening unfolds journey through eerie corridors to haunted locations and re-live the experiences of those who have encountered the resident ghosts. End the night by taking part in a genuine Victorian style séance with a medium.

The event is aimed at everyone from sceptics to believers and is approached as an open-minded presentation of historical ghost tales left as a legacy from the family who lived at Preston Manor when it was still a private house (pre 1933) as well as more recent experiences had by staff and visitors.

The event explores and uncovers why Preston Manor is known as one of the most haunted houses in Britain.

Guests will be taken around the house including parts of the building not usually open to the public. They will be taken to places where apparitions have been seen and find out exactly what happened in that space. The accounts told are from historical records going back to the 1880s to the present day.

After the house tour visitors will meet the evening’s guest medium, who will lead the group through a ‘sitting’ or ‘reading’ or what the Victorians called a séance.

Hosted by Preston Manor’s most experienced and knowledgeable ghost experts it will end with a Q&A and a chance to ask questions and discuss the experience.

Preston Manor manager Paula Wrightson said; “This event is aimed at adults – this is important. It is not a children’s Halloween bit-of-fun. One of the reasons for this is that the event will be creepy. It would frighten children. It will frighten some adults. It is also an adult night out with wine and an exclusive after-dark atmosphere with the added pleasure of seeing a gorgeous historic house lit for the evening.

“It is possible that some people may see, hear or feel one of the Manor’s many phantoms – this does happen surprisingly often.

“It was really creepy during our run-through and we know this stuff inside out. Preston Manor really does have a spine chilling magic once the nights start drawing in – it has to be experience to be believed and this is what House of Ghosts is all about.

“The event will be entertaining, thought-provoking, enjoyable, informative, memorable and a night out with a difference.”

Saturday 19 October & Sunday 29 December

4.30–7pm & 7.30-10pm £35, members £31.50, book in advance (includes a glass of wine)

About Preston Manor

Preston Manor, part of Brighton & Hove City council is a charming historic house, decorated and furnished in Edwardian style. Its elegant reception rooms and functional servants’ quarters reveal the ‘upstairs and downstairs’ of life at the manor before the First World War.