Step back in time to enjoy a historic Christmas advent calendars online.

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The Royal Pavilion & Museums are sharing their Christmas collections with two fascinating online Advent Calendars.

Fans of the RPM’s social media channels can enjoy a taste of beautiful Victorian Christmas cards and enjoy a peek at some Christmas themed items from the museum’s collections.

The Royal Pavilion & Museums have chosen 25 of the most beautiful and interesting Christmas cards from their archives to share on the Twitter account.

These days some people don’t bother to send Christmas cards but 150 years ago, the Christmas card tradition was becoming more commonplace.

The Victorians loved innovation and enjoyed sending cards which showed off new printing technology with cut-off shapes and beautiful designs.

Christmas cards were also becoming cheaper to send thanks to the introduction of ‘Penny-post’ in the 1840s. 

Followers of the @brightonmuseums Twitter channel will be able to enjoy a daily peek into a festive past as the images are unveiled through the month of December.

Nine of the Christmas cards will be on display in the Royal Pavilion as part of the Christmas festive display. The display was put together by Volunteer Services Officer Marcus Bagshaw as part of a Workforce Development programme which enables frontline staff to learn more about the work which goes on in other departments. He has written a blog about the project to research the cards.

Instagram and Facebook followers of RPM will be able to enjoy their own Advent Museum throughout December. Every day staff at Hove Museum will reveal an unusual item from the Royal Pavilion & Museums archives with a Christmas theme. The artefacts are from across the estate including the Booth Museum, Hove Museum and Brighton Museum and include items from the natural sciences, archaeology, local history, decorative art and world art collections which are not currently on display in the museums. Visitors to Hove Museum will be able to see the items in real life.

Digital Manager Kevin Bacon said; “We’re looking forward to sharing some of our collections with our online followers. It will be nice to take time from a busy December to look back at some antique cards and interesting museum pieces every day.”

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