Be inspired by the newly restored Saloon – a dazzling room of gold, silver and crimson

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Find inspiration for your home from the radiant Saloon in the Royal Pavilion which has been returned to the dazzling splendour of its original interior design.

Decorated for King George IV in 1823, this ornate centrepiece of Brighton’s famous royal palace by the sea is a magical, luminous, sparkly space and one of the only silvered rooms in the UK.

The circular room is awash with gold and silver from the handmade red and gold drapes, the huge glass chandeliers and walls which sparkle from the platinum leaf design individually applied.

It is completed with a unique vibrant carpet with colourful dragons and sun images and furniture returned to the Royal Pavilion courtesy of the Queen from Buckingham Palace.

George IV originally commissioned Robert Jones to create a breath taking principal reception room, conveying his regal splendour in gold, silver and crimson.

The overwhelming effect is breathtaking and as close as possible to the original creation by artist-designer Robert Jones. The work has taken more than 14 years of research and painstaking craftsmanship to restore.

Why not make your home a palace by being inspired by the luxurious designs of the Saloon?

We have created a mood board of images to inspire your readers who love to see extraordinary home décor and interiors. You could use the Saloon as an inspirational feature as a stepping stone into trends such as luxe metallic, heritage colours or Royal style.

Interviews and articles

We can offer you a glimpse of the Saloon before it is re-opened to the public on 8 September 2018. You may also wish to interview some of the team who have restored the room or focus on an individual element of the restoration process.

Please contact Caroline Sutton if you have ideas on how your publication would like to cover the Saloon.

We can provide a series of hi-res images to accompany your article.