On 12 April 2015 Angad Singh will run the Brighton Marathon dressed in Sikh Regiment uniform to commemorate the lives of Sikh soldiers who fought in the First World War

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© Raj Gedhu 2015
© Raj Gedhu 2015

Press release 10 March 2015

At the end of 2014 the Royal Pavilion launched a fascinating new audio tour about its history as a military hospital for Indian soldiers during the First World War. On 12 April 2015 Angad Singh a volunteer for the United Kingdom Punjab Heritage Association (UKPHA) will run the Brighton Marathon dressed in period Sikh Regiment uniform to commemorate the lives of Sikh soldiers who served during the First World War, many of whom would have been treated at the Royal Pavilion military hospital.

The new audio and multimedia guide offers visitors an enhanced experience of the Royal Pavilion ground floor rooms and offers an alternative historical perspective on the often overlooked role the building played during the First World War. While the audio guide focuses on the wartime use of the Royal Pavilion, visitors will also hear descriptions and explore archive photographs of how rooms were originally used during its Regency period and will discover how rooms designed for lavish banquets, music and dancing were transformed into hospital wards for treating often horrific injures and illnesses sustained by soldiers on the Western Front. From March 2015 the audio tour will also be offered in two additional languages, French and Hindi, to encourage visits from local and overseas community groups who may have links either to patients, or the staff who treated them from 1914-1916.

Angad Singh a 27 year old volunteer on UKPHA’s Empire Faith & War project (www.empirefaithwar.com) has been so inspired by the project and the story that it aims to uncover – the untold story of how one of the world’s smaller communities played such a disproportionately large role in the Great War – that he wanted to do his bit in raising funds and awareness for the project and in so doing highlight the role of Sikhs in the First World War. On Sunday 15 March 2015 Dream Team events, the company producing the highlights for Channel 4’s Brighton Marathon coverage will be filming Angad at locations around Brighton & Hove that are significant to the story of the Indian soldiers and The Royal Pavilion will feature as a key venue in the piece.

Meet Angad and the UKPHA team as they join forces with Brighton Museum on Saturday 11 April for an afternoon of talks and hands-on history. (Brighton Museum, 12-4pm, free, drop-in)

Support Angad by donating here: www.justgiving.com/Angadww1/

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